10 Reasons why Iceland needs to be on your bucket list

There’s a magical place that’s been spamming your Instagram feed with gorgeous waterfalls, lush valleys, and spectacular glaciers for the last few years. And that place is Iceland. I’m Reema, female solo traveler, yogi and nature lover (follow me on Instagram @reemur). I’m an STA Travel Student Ambassador at University of California. With 13 countries already checked off the list, and plans to live in Europe later this year. I’m here to give you the low-down on all the reasons you HAVE to put Iceland on your bucket list (if you haven’t already…)

If you’re like me, you’re an outdoor fanatic; really blue water, insane geological structures, and mountain hikes that end in awe-inspiring waterfalls are exactly what you look for when seeking a new adventure. Iceland is the perfect place to get your outdoor fix – and don’t they know it. Their eco-tourism industry is beginning to boom, and it’s never been easier to explore one of the most beautiful countries on this earth.

The unique geological makeup that underlies Iceland has created some stunning natural sites. Resting on top of two tectonic plates (which you can literally walk – or snorkel – in-between), volcanic activity has created a unique blend of solidified lava fields, which lush green plants have grown all over. In Myvatn, you’ll feel like you’re on the moon (after all, it is where Neil Armstrong trained for the moon landing) looking at a vast expanse of blackened hills. The famous Blue Lagoon is a warm hot spring with some of the most beautiful pure blue water you’ll ever see.

The hotspot of geothermal activity also has allowed Iceland to use mostly renewable energy; 25% of the island’s energy comes from geothermal power, making Iceland one of the most sustainability-friendly countries in the world.

If you’re not compelled to visit this amazing island yet, what’s wrong with you?! Allow me to highlight some more important notes:


1. You can circumnavigate the country in less than a week on the Ring Road

2. Your dreams of snorkeling between tectonic plates can come true

3. You can see the Northern Lights for 8 WHOLE MONTHS of the year!

4. The sun never sets in July

5. There is almost constant darkness in December.

6. You can come face to face with the most indisputably cute creature on the planet: the puffin.

7. FACT: There are more sheep than people

8. You can bask on otherworldly black sand beaches

9. The FREAKIN’ Blue Lagoon

10. The possibilities for adventure are endless.


Hot springs, volcanic lakes, and geysers are abound. I don’t know how much more I can emphasize – this place has everything you could ever wish to see in the natural realm. If you’ve ever wanted to try ice-climbing up a glacier, Iceland is your destination. If you’ve ever wanted to explore a lava cave, Iceland’s got it. If you’ve ever wanted to feel the wind in your hair coming up from the most powerful waterfall in Europe – you gotta go to Iceland.

Need I say more? What are you waiting for? Check out our Iceland travel guide now. Or, take a look at any of these tours to get started on your new dream of traveling to some of the most intensely beautiful natural sites out there… 

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