9 Travel Safety Tips (Traveling Alone or to Europe)

I’m sharing 9 Travel Safety Tips. Whether you are traveling alone, with a tour company or traveling to Europe, these 9 tips for safety on your vacation to any destination will help. I will discuss RFID technology, I will discuss travel safety apps and more. Travelers worried about pickpocketers can benefit from these safety tips while traveling. #traveltips #travelsafety #solotraveler

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STEP Program: www.step.state.gov/step/

RFID Article:

Passport Article: afar.com

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  • Best practice would be to simply put all cards in an RFID shielded wallet. When at home I do that and when traveling, I do the same thing. Then you don't have to wonder, because everything is shielded at all times.

  • It's a good idea to take a picture of your checked suitcase on your phone, and send a copy to someone at home as well.  If the case gets lost, this will increase the chances of the airline finding  it among all the lost pieces.

  • Hey Laurie awesome video. Heading to Jamaica in June with my 16 yr old daughter and parents in their 70s. First time out of the country for me and my daughter! Your videos jave already been a big help thanks!

  • I am planning to isreal. I have friend there.

  • Useful as always! Tks Laurie

  • Hi Laurie, my husband and I are headed for Mexico. We fly from HOU to PVR, then on to Ajijc and Chapala, Jalisco. It will be a vacation plus get a few medical procedures done. If we love the area, we may stay. There one can have a better lifestyle, living on Social Security. Thank you for you informative videos. Joy n Wyatt

  • Thank you Laurie i love to watch your videos

  • I'd never heard of the STEP program. Thanks for mentioning it.

  • Thanks for more great travel tips, Laurie! I don’t travel much, but I enjoy your videos. They’ll be helpful for the next time I do travel! 🙂

  • I always pack a door stop wedge for my hotel door, a few quid from Amazon, to secure my hotel door from the inside when I go to bed. Never had any issues but provides peace of mind for a good nights sleep, not always easy when new hotel or location. Some door locks aren’t as robust as I’d like. You must remember to remove before trying to leave in the morning, I’ve not got a 100% record on that ? not to mention my post it’s for the door eye hole!!

  • I’m following your recommendations for this trip. When I get back I’ll give you an update of how they worked for me. Can’t wait for the 31st!

  • You can access your accounts through your bank app, I know my banks app will let me freeze my card or notify them that I'm travelling..which makes it much easier..

  • Hi Laurie, I'm traveling to India in April and will be meeting up with a woman that I met on a China tour.  We'll be with a tour company and hopefully all will be well.  After we leave there, I'll be headed to London on my own for 5 days.  What advice can you give to being in London on your own?  I've been to London once and do not feel like I know it well.  Hopefully I can make the most out of this solo adventure.  Thank you.

  • Love each of your videos! I'll be ready for travel in no time! 🙂

  • One thing I learned traveling in and out of the country that goes with be aware of your surroundings.9 TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. If your gut says it is bad…it is. We once went on a cruise to Nassau and that instinct probably saved our lives. We took a wrong turn and we saw a semi-truck parked along a kinda run down strip mall and no security cameras facing into the streets or sidewalks. We also heard yelling. We felt really un easy. So glad we listened to our instinct because as soon as we turned back around and got off that street there was gun fire. We found out later on their local news the truck was full of drugs, and the undercover cops were busting the dealers.

  • Thank you for the travel tips. I have traveled to Portland, Maine and Liverpool, UK in the last 2 years alone. However, I had friend and a brother and his family in those places, so I wasn't alone when I arrived at those destinations.

  • Were you talking about the TSA locks or just regular locks? I guess what I want to know is if you use the locks that say the TSA can open, will the TSA still just cut into your bag? Thanks for all your helpful tips. Also, I’ve known 2 different people who have had the safe in their rooms looted. What is your opinion on using these safes?

  • What’s wrong with Europe?!?!

  • Hi there, we are going to Italy this summer and watching all these type videos to learn all I can. ❤️thank you for the info. ?

  • Had never heard of The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. My husband going to China in May and I'm going to enroll him. We never go out carrying our passports, always leave them but we do have copies on our phone. If your purse/travel bag is stolen, at least they won't get your passport. Thank you so much!

  • Just found you!, I travel for work and agree about looking for local places. I also check with TripAdvisor for reviews and pictures on restaurants and even cute hotels that may have history to them.

  • BCS

    Always be aware of your surroundings. Years ago, my husband was searching for information while I kept all the bags with me in Venice. I noticed at least 4 men signaling each other and looking at me. I immediately panicked and started screaming. I think they went away because of the commotion I was causing. So be alert!

  • Hi Lori very informative information
    Keep up the good work!

  • I like all your comments and find them very useful for my next traveling.

  • Wow really amazing tips. Its very helpful. thanks for sharing. big thumbs up!

  • Hello Laurie! My name is Dionne. I enjoy your tips.

  • Our debit card info was stolen at a gas station because they were able to install something inside the gaa pump. The police said to only run credit card sale on a gas pump with your debit card. That way they don't get your PIN. When living in Germany they told us always to be in pairs if possible. Also in our terrorist training we were told to not just watch cars following drom behind, they will watch from a car in front. The biggest is to leave 2 car lengths in front of you driving so you can get away if someone starts shooting. NEVER wear anything that says United States or any state on your clothes as it spotlights you are american. Great tip video Laurie!

  • P.S. lol Amazon has tons of RFID items!

  • Super great video! I think a lot of people don't know these tips, good to bring to everyone's attention. I always use RFID covers and wallet, keep my IDs and credit cards/money on my person. Better safe than sorry! I have noticed some people I travel with don't like to do this, so to me they are the ones who's wallet/purse will get taken. I guess they think a neck or body ID holder that carries EVERYTHING is not cool. Who cares, right? Safety first

  • For my next cruise, that I travel alone at this time, I will not put all my money at the same place because, in case of pickpocket, you will lose all your money. I will try to find some hiddens places on my carry on (like another empty 3oz and hide there my money etc…) and my front pocket.

  • I always keep my phone seperate and I keep a photo of a certified copy of my passport and ID on my phone as it’s always better than nothing.

  • Can you please tell us what kind of lack do you recommend to use for the luggage’s that will be registered to go as cargo,

  • I travel alone, and was given this great tip by another female traveler.
    Keep a copy of your passport, credit card numbers, and also the address where you are staying, and your emergency contact person’s info.
    I also keep 100 of whatever currency the country I am currently in uses.
    Put it all in a small ziplock bag, and put it under the insole inside your shoe.
    No one can get it, but you have ID and some cash if you get mugged.
    In the summer, put it in your bra.

  • Great video and great travel tips! Thank you, Laurie.
    Watching from the Kansas City, Missouri ((area)) USA

  • Do you enroll for every trip.?

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