Airport Travel Tips: Reducing Waiting Times

Key Journey Ideas

Following the following tips will enable you to cut back your wait time on the safety checkpoint.

Earlier than you go to the Airport

o Don’t pack or deliver Prohibited Objects to the airport.

o Place valuables reminiscent of jewellery, money and laptop computer computer systems in carry-on baggage solely.

o Tape your small business card to the underside of your laptop computer.

o Keep away from sporting clothes, jewellery and equipment that include steel. Metallic gadgets could set off the alarm on the steel detector.

o Keep away from sporting sneakers that include steel or have thick soles or heels. Many sorts of footwear would require extra screening even when the steel detector doesn’t alarm.

o Put all undeveloped movie and cameras with movie in your carry-on baggage. Checked baggage screening gear will harm undeveloped movie.

o Declare firearms & ammunition to your airline and place them in your checked baggage.

o In case you want to lock your baggage, use a TSA-recognized lock.

o Don’t deliver lighters or prohibited matches to the airport.

o Don’t pack wrapped items and don’t deliver wrapped items to the checkpoint. Wrap on arrival or ship your items previous to your departure. TSA could need to unwrap packages for safety causes.

Whereas on the Airport

Every grownup traveler must maintain obtainable his/her airline boarding cross and government-issued photograph ID till exiting the safety checkpoint. As a result of totally different airport configurations, at many airports you can be required to show these paperwork greater than as soon as.

o Place the next gadgets IN your carry-on baggage or in a plastic bag previous to getting into the screening checkpoint:

o Cell phones

o Keys

o Free change

o Cash clips

o PDA’s (private knowledge assistants)

o Giant quantities of jewellery

o Metallic hair decorations

o Giant belt buckles

o Take your laptop computer and video cameras with cassettes OUT of their instances and place them in a bin offered on the checkpoint.

o Take OFF all outer coats, swimsuit coats, jackets and blazers.

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