Ajijic Vacation Travel Tips – When is the Best Weather For a Lake Chapala Vacation?

This Ajijic Holiday Travel Tip centers around the notion about what’s the ideal time to see Lake Chapala, Mexico. And answer the question,”when is the ideal weather to holiday in the village of Ajijic?”

This Mexico holiday tip will disclose the interior track info of when to come to get an Ajijic holiday as a first-time visitor.

Though, Lake Chapala, Mexico isn’t thought to be a normal tourist destination such as Puerto Vallarta, Cancun or other shore areas, lots of travelers into the particular destination south of the boundary, find the magic of an Ajijic vacation experience. Located inland on the biggest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala is also a remarkably popular American retirement community in Mexico.

When is the Best Time to Take Your Ajijic Holiday?

The best kept secret is that Lake Chapala, Mexico is rated as one of best climate in the world for retirement in accordance with this National Geographic.

What that means to youpersonally, the first-time visitor, is that if you see, the weather will probably be near flawless. Winter, spring, summer or autumn in Ajijic is only how you like it, thankfully hot days, and cooler evenings and weekends. That’s the reason why the nickname for this particular region of ​​the Mexican highlands weather wise is”The Land of Eternal Spring”.

Great Ajijic Weather all Year

April and May is the shoulder season in Ajijic. These are the weeks before the rains start. We’ve got warm balmy evenings and it could get hot in the midday sunlight. Light colored cotton cloths work good for this season. Casual dress is suitable all year long in this portion of inland Mexico.

Summer and Fall is the time to bring your umbrella in Lake Chapala. It largely rains late at night, however, we could find a couple of afternoon showers. It’s perfect weather, and among the most gorgeous times of the year with low humidity and mild temperatures across the lakeside communities. The Sierra Madre Mountains are emerald green and lush plants are growing anywhere. Pack light or shorts clothes for the afternoon, a light jacket for early mornings and evenings out on the town in Ajijic.

Winter weather in Ajijic-Chapala is bright and ideal. Cool mornings and nights, which means you are going to want to pack flashes for morning jogs or walking around the lake along with a light to moderate weight coat for evenings. It’s the time of year once the snowbirds arrive, so make your Ajijic holiday plans a few months beforehand, for the most effective Ajijic lodging accommodations.

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