Angouleme Attractions, Nightlife and Travel Information

Angouleme Travel Guide

Angouleme is a exceptional city in Southern France. It’s the capital of the Charente section having a population roughly 44,000. Papermaking and printing business are the key industries in this enchanting town. Angouleme is a favorite for festivals in addition to for cartoon, case and the graphic arts.

Best Festival at Angouleme

  • Angouleme International Comics Festival
  • Forum International des Technologies
  • Gastronomades festival in Christmas
  • Music Metisse
  • Piano en Valois

Attractions/Sightseeing at Angouleme

If you’re in Angouleme, then you’ll certainly fall in love with all its twisting roads, historic buildings, terrific shopping and visiting nightlife. I still recall my brief stay in this excellent city. I’m feeling good to talk about my traveling adventure to you. It’s worth to pay a visit to this town and also the easiest approach to explore this city is by walking. I’d recommend you to begin with a trip to Les Halles, that will be a covered marketplace with superior instance of 19twentieth century. When you’ll drift around town, you’ll get the construction walls are really well adorned with animation style murals by number of designers and artist.

Top Attractions:

  • Cordeller ‘s Chapel
  • Musee de la bande dessinee
  • Musee D’ Angouleme
  • Le Nil Paper Museum
  • Musee de la Resistance et de la Deportation
  • Angouleme Cathedral

Angouleme Nightlife

Angouleme includes lively, lively, occurring and subtropical nightlife. You’ll see restaurants restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, discos and even operas in this enchanting town, where you can hangout and unwind in the day.

Famous Bars/ restaurants in Angouleme

  • Le Cassa pizza Grill
  • Le Chat Noir
  • Toyo
  • Gaste Hotel Restaurants

Travel Information

You will find many different traveling choices available to achieve this excellent city. My preferred mode of transportation in Europe is because typical trains. Trains are getting to be lifeline of the European Union. I select high speed Eurostar train (Chunnel Train) to accomplish this town. I required Chunnel train from London’s St Pancras International and reached Paris in recording time of 2hr 15minute ) I actually impressed with all the comfy seats, stimulating rate of 186miles, exceptional on-board amenities and terrific food whilst traveling via Eurostar train in Europe. 1 thing I enjoyed the most was brief check in procedure whilst traveling via Eurostar train. From Paris, you need to modify the channel and just choose TGV to Angouleme. The travel time for London into Angouleme traveling is about 5hr. Do not overlook to capture the glimpses of stunning magnificence of countryside whilst traveling via Chunnel train.

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