Do Travel Agents Get Free Trips?

There are a number of instances where travel agents can travel at no cost, however for the most part they do come out of the pocket. Below are 3 cases where travel agents can rack up additional savings and also put money back in their pockets.

I will share my savings experience as a home agent broker, which has induced me to save tens of thousands of dollars!

Get Paid on Retail or Sale Pricing

While I travel as an insider, I get paid when I book travel for myself (and of course I get paid when I do it for many others ). The cost I pay could be the same as any one that is not a part of this market, the gap would be I get a test and you don’t! Commissions are already built-into the cost of everything you see online or what your travel agent quote you already have the commissions built. (They’re never along with price quoted, if You’re told extra fees need to be additional to pay commission… run)

But if I decide that I wish to travel in a lower cost and forgo my commission, I have to pay the net price, I just wouldn’t get paid for your trip. You may get travel at great bargains if you travel this way!

However, I must add that a variety of agencies may have’special’ discounted excursions that brokers can take for themselves or sell to their clients and STILL get a commission! I love these because your getting paid AND the prices can be better compared to internet rate PLUS you have a fantastic deal you can offer to your customers. Only downside is that there may be a limit on the amount of can travel and limited to certain dates.

Travel on the Industries Dime

What about these actually dirt cheap excursions? These trips are more educational for travel agents and teach agents about the property or destination experience they’re seeing.

Vendors invite brokers on these’FAM’ trips so they can receive more in-depth understanding to discuss with their clientele. The goal is to market to get more bookings for those properties or destinations. Costs for these excursions are such a steal that they may as well be free!

Just to recap, travel brokers pay for their trips in four ways:

1. Travel at retail pricing & receive paid the already built-in commission

2. Traveling at retail minus already built-in pricing (therefore no commissions are paid)

3. Travel at wholesale plus get a commission (change per agency and limits dates & quantity)

4. Travel on a FAM trip – steeply discounted trips (exclusive to travel agents

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