Don’t miss out on Cuba!

Cuba is amazing, people! I strongly advise that you either go the very first time using a local guide or take a very comprehensive guide book so that you understand what it is you are taking a look at. There’s so much history around. I went thinking it was a one off, but that I can not wait to go back again. It is difficult to describe just how amazing the buildings really are, regardless of the necessity for recovery; therefore many are being revived it’s simple to learn how amazing Havana was in its heyday.

The people are welcoming. We stayed in Casa details – bed and breakfasts. I felt secure, if leaving my things n the area for your afternoon or walking through the roads with my old dad at night.

But do not merely see Havana. A cab trip across a part of this island is essential to observe the diverse, beautiful countryside and experience the nearly empty highways free of billboards. Do not even consider taking public buses, they still do not run on a program.

A local guide can also direct you to some fantastic private restaurant, even a paladar. We had excellent food at our foods; Cuban food isn’t spicy, but it’s extremely yummy, try out the taro root fritters. The beer is great and the Havana Club rum is amazing (I did not believe I like rum, but that I enjoy theirs!) Food and beverages are cheap – equivalent of 3. 50 for a Mojito.

Our excursion – 8 day land tour of Cuba on Support for the Cuban People Visa for US taxpayers, booked via a US based travel business. Havana, Vinales Valley, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Bay of Pigs. We had 5 people on our excursion, 3 in my loved ones and two from another. Personal, local tour guide who had been amazing – historical info and websites, local culture, contemporary lifestyle, and answered our many questions. Saw tobacco plantation, organic garden, sugar mill archeological website, rum factory. . .so considerably more.

TL:DR Cuba is wonderful. Go with a manual. Eat, drink, research. Feel secure. I would like to move again!

Havana, Cuba

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  • I’ve always wanted to go to Cuba! 2 years ago I went to Little Havana in Miami and got to taste some authentic Cuban food. Someday I’d like to visit the real thing.

  • My parents went for about a week and they said that all the food they had was pretty bad. It seemed that they ate at what would have been high dollar locations that local Cubans don’t really eat at. They sort of arrived at the conclusion that since they don’t have much money, the food simply isn’t very good there.

    When I went to Nicaragua (second worst economy in the Western Hemisphere after Haiti), I thought the food was amazing.

  • Cuba is incredible! We went for 2 weeks for our honeymoon. I did my undergraduate 12000 word dissertation on Cuba so I was like a walking history book ? The travel agent seemed very confused that we wanted to spend the whole fortnight in Havana rather then spending a weekend there and the rest in Varadero! I’ve never been, but from what I understand it’s a purpose built tourist resort with beaches, fast food restaurants and little to no culture. I would definitely recommend staying in Havana and taking trips out to places like Viñales.

  • > Don’t even think about taking public buses, they don’t run on a schedule.

    On the contrary, the [Viazul Bus]( is one of the very few things on the island that remarkably *does* operate mostly as scheduled.

    Glad you had fun.

  • What airline did you fly?

    Did you fly direct from the US, or through another country?

  • Seriously worth every dollar and every minute!

  • We flew Delta, our tour group companions flew Southwest from Florida

  • We ate where locals, and visitors, ate and it was all good. Traditional Shredded pork or beef with tomato sauce was quite good. It’s just not hot/spicy food, that’s not the style there.

    I had a really good very thin pizza, seafood bisque, others in our group had huge, apparently very tasty, burgers.

  • I could easily spend a week n Havana going to all the restored houses that are open as museums – gorgeous. Another week in Vinales valley hiking. Another exploring the lovely city of Cienfuegos. When….the US allows it, I’d enjoy at least a week relaxing on the beaches ?

  • Yes, absolutely go with a local guide to get the most out of Cuba. We used The Educational Adventures Company, located in Colorado. Locally Sourced Cuba is also a good bet to find a knowledgeable guide. I felt the come-ones were like anywhere else, maybe lower key than in some places. Folks offering taxis, tours, etc. it was nice to have all our side tours already arranged for us. We mainly spent our time with our head on a swivel (damn, did you see that?), ears open to the guide’s friendly chatter (your dad does what and makes how much?), and walked our legs off.

  • We’re going in December and are looking forward to it!

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