Hamburg, Antwerp, Florence, Istanbul, Las Vegas and Belfast

The April version of Lonely Planet Magazine (UK) is available today! © Lonely Planet

The most recent version of Lonely Planet Magazine (UK) has hit the news rack! This April marks the mag’s 10 year anniversary, and to celebrate the event a special guest editor was given the reins — famous adventurer Bear Grylls.

Alongside tales about Bear’s lifetime in traveling, attributes in this month’s topic include stories of reclusive artists in Alaska, a lowdown about Madrid’s hottest attractions along with a round-up of all Lonely Planet staff members’ finest ever souvenirs.

To whet your appetite, have a sneak peek at this month’s choice of town mini-guides — from unique Florence to Vegas on a budget — which are located in the rear of the magazine every problem and available to download for free!

Hamburg's Elbe River fish market in the morning Together with its magnificent markets, trendy cafes and famous restaurants, Hamburg is a Fantastic town for foodies © Roy Jankowski / Getty Images

Eating at Hamburg

Hamburg’s attraction can be narrowed down to a easy calling cardit’s among the trendiest cities on Earth. Here is where to sample a few of its latest cafés and restaurants.

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Jenever cafe De Vagant on Reyndersstraat, Antwerp Antwerp is home to some nice Range of drinking habits © Jonathan Smith / Lonely Planet

ingesting in Antwerp

Belgium’s second city and largest interface, easygoing Antwerp is the point where the nation’s trendy kids come to have fun and unwind, with a ton of drinking dens to match every taste. Keep reading to find the very best places to find a beer, wine or genever.

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The skyline of Florence, Italy, dominated by the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower) Look for Florence’s quirkier side © Catarina Belova / Shutterstock

Quirky Florence

Cradle of the Renaissance, intimate, enchanting and completely irresistible, Florence (Firenze) brims filled with world-class sights, attractions and restaurants. Here is our guide to its offbeat charms.

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Interior of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul with colourful produce on display Istanbul has always been a market town and is one of the world’s great places to shop © Ayhan Altun / Getty Images

Shopping at Istanbul

This charming meeting place of East and West has much more appeals than it’s minarets (and that is a lot). Additionally, it is a place where the natives have mastered the art of purchasing — combine them together with our hints on leading boutiques.

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High-angle view of the Las Vegas Strip Love a Rest in Vegas without blowing your budget © f11photograph / Shutterstock

Las Vegas on a budget

An oasis of indulgence, magnificent from the desert, Vegas guarantees excitement, amusement, fame and fortune. Here is the way to enjoy the town if your dream is larger than your budget.

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Irish musicians perform while seated on a table at the John Hewitt pub in Belfast Belfast’s music-filled bars are among the town’s prime highlights © Steve Raymer / Getty Images

Best of Belfast

There is a lot to fill a brief break to Belfast, from superbly restored Victorian design into a glittering waterfront, excellent food landscape and music-filled bars. Here is our guide to the highlights.

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Want more freebies? Have a look at last month’s mini-guides.

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