Helpful Tips on Business Gift Giving Etiquette in Latin America

Being ready for an global business meeting demands knowledge and information of what’s going to be discussed or discussed in this meeting. A wonderful social gesture when fulfilling an global business for the very first time, generally, is providing a present. Just take some opportunity to research local traditions before making a purchase, however, as some states find it insulting to get a present. Knowing what to do before you move will not just demonstrate that you cared enough to find out about your destination etiquette, but might also open up all sorts of new doors and opportunities for you and your business.

Many multinational businesses and their authorities have very strict policies in regards to business partners accepting presents. Many Asian nations are worried about corporate corruption and also see gift giving as a bribe, so holding off gift giving before you get to know the business and its policies could be a fantastic idea. You ought to be aware that in Malaysia, many companies need you establish a working relationship together before giving a present. Here in the USA, our government places a $25 spending limitation on how far a company gift can price.

An important thing to learn about Latin American culture is the fact that it’s predominantly patriarchal, and quite rigid divisions between home and work exist. Men are running a business, and girls are in the home. Should you just happen to be seeing Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, or even Peru be sure that you get accustomed to the current political and governmental dealings which are happening inside those states and prevent any talks about these topics for it certainly will ruin any business dealings you expect establish with any businesses therein.

When meeting prospective small business customers, handshakes are significant so be business but short, and always be certain that you keep constant eye contact during the handshake. When shaking hands with a lady, don’t forget to be considerate and allow her to extend her hand . Anticipate the person you’re talking with to stand near you and look you in the eyes, do not go back or break eye contact as you can offend the man speaking to you.

Following are a few societal taboos that you must take note of since using some of the next gestures may cause difficulties.

1. The “OK” sign made with your forefinger and thumb is an offensive gesture in Brazil.

2. Putting your hands on your hips in Argentina means you are indicating a challenge.

3. Raising your fist into your mind in Chile is a indication of Communism.

Latin America loves the company lunch and they’re generally quite long, at least 2 hours or more. Dinners are considered only social occasions and commence late at night, typically around 10:00 or 11:00 pm. When in a dinner, remember to keep your hands above the table in Any Way times when ingesting and consistently pass food with your right hand

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