In the studio with Niki Fisher, illustrator of The Cruise Handbook – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Niki within her studio near Jindabyne, Australia © Niki Fisher

Illustrator Niki Fisher is no stranger into displaying Lonely Planet titles — The Cruise Handbook is the 5th one she is illustrated. We caught up with her to learn how she made the brilliant cover page and also the way that ties in with preceding examples for the identical series.

Inform us about the short

The brief was to make a cover which depicted the selection of actions available on cruises in addition to the wide age groups which cruises bring nowadays. I had been given hints in the Art Director, but aside from that, the short was rather receptive.

How can you create a beginning?

I began by doing a little bit of research online, finding out about the enormous number of activities available on cruise lines — it was really quite an eyeopener. I’d not have envisioned that there are whole water parks, tennis courts and rock climbing walls onto lots of these massive ships! After I had collated a selection of tasks and popular cruise destinations I started doing some rough pencil sketches of individual moments. After I had a couple of sketches done I began to set them on the page beside each other and work out a makeup.

Were there any challenges?

It is a little bit of trial and error exercising exactly what scenes move nicely side by side, ensuring that all those scenes was powerful in isolation in addition to jointly working in stability in the total illustration. Additionally, considering the way the case will tie in with the name can be somewhat like a game of Tetris.

What is the 1 thing on your studio you can not live without?

That is hardout of necessity I could not do with a pencil. I could always draw on the walls or some other surface when I needed to. I enjoy working in a really sunlit space. Having tons of pot plants in my studio in addition to a green wall helps produce an illusion of the outside which helps to create my workspace a joyful location.

How can you get into displaying novels?

The very first book cover I illustrated was The Solo Travel Handbook for Lonely Planet, and I am currently working on my 5th fresh name. Book covers are a very satisfying issue to work on, a great deal of the job I do would be editorial that’s quite conceptual and the real demonstrating is some thing that I really do at the end when the idea is sound. A book cover asks a whole lot of procedure in order for it to come together, and it is often something which is not given on fast turnaround tasks.

Where on earth do you typically work out of?

I operate from my house that’s a little cabin in the Snowy Mountains of Australia, only outside Jindabyne. I live with my spouse and two sons. We transferred here from Melbourne this past year, we needed plenty of space to allow our children to grow up in and research.

See more of Niki’s job at @nikifisherdesign.

Niki’s examples

The very first rough sketch to the design of this pay
Publish sketch of a bass
Closing illustration of this bass
Sketch of few dance
Closing of couple dance
The Last design of the pay page with no name text

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