Maine Gov. Paul LePage ran up a $22,000 bill staying at the Trump hotel in Washington, DC – ThinkProgress

Just how much taxpayer money could a his or her team spend luxury resort remains in two decades? For former Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R), the amount is at least 22,000 — spent more than 40 rooms in the Trump International Hotel at Washington, D.C.

During a Freedom of Information Act petition, the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram acquired records showing the tab which the LePage government has run on travel accommodations. Per-night prices throughout the time period ranged from 362 to greater than $1,100 for chambers in the Trump Hotel, so LePage along with his employees could”match with President Trump or his own inner group, attend White House occasions or speak to members of Congress.”

Along with the resort and dining expenses, the documents show receipts for airfare, car rentals, and other costs, in addition to accounting summaries furnished by the nation. In absolute, taxpayers financed approximately $170,000 at out-of-state traveling by LePage along with his employees during financial years 2017, 2018 along with also the start of 2019. Just $37,000 that amount was reimbursed from the organizations behind encounters and conventions that LePage along with his employees attended.

From the heaps of excursions LePage and his team took on the Trump resort, receipts piled as they spent”countless bucks over filet mignon or additional costly menu objects in the restaurant at the Trump hotel.” The Press Herald adds:

Those expenses are most likely to draw extra scrutiny from lawyers who’ve mentioned LePage’s previously revealed remains in the D.C. resort in a national suit alleging the president has been profiting from the organization.

The paying amounts in the Trump hotel proved so large they had been flagged by a employee in the state controller’s office, that sought advice on country regulations for reimbursing such expenses.

That employee wrote to Deputy Controller Shirley Browne at June 2017, imagining the area price in the Trump resort”is WAY over the permitted amount” and the visits had been occurring”fairly regularly” for somebody who”isn’t attending a convention of any kind but is meeting the President, testifying, meeting with lawmakers and the others, etc., so the exemptions (to say spending limitations ) don’t apply”

As March 2017, the Press Herald was attempting to acquire travel documents for LePage along with his government, just to be rebuffed. It was only in LePage left his successor, Democratic Gov. Janet Mills, took his position, which the files were given to the paper.

As for this $22,000 hotel invoice? The nation had been reimbursed for a number of itA $124.

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