Singapore language, phrases and words

English is widely spoken in Singapore however you might find it difficult to know some of what is being said. Many Singaporeans speak what’s been dubbed’Singlish’ that borrows from the several distinct languages spoken in Singapore. Here’s a set of’Singlish’ phrases That You might Discover useful in your Singapore holiday:

1. ) Action

Derived from the English language meaning to flaunt. For instance –‘he constantly likes to act in the front of the women’.

2. ) Boh-chup

Derived from the Hokkien dialect meaning could not care less.

3. Chope (book )

A useful phrase if you would like to book seats in a restaurant.

4. ) Kayu

Derived from the Malay language meaning idiotic or stupid.

5. ) Lah

You will hear this one a lot because it is the most well-known of Singaporean sayings! It is used in the end of paragraphs for emphasis, such as’really humorous, lah!’

6. Shiok (fantastic)

Aside from the Malay language, this can be a useful one to explain a yummy dish. For instance’that prawn mee soup was shiok!’

7. Kiasu (fearful to drop out to other people or to not Get Rid of face)

Derived from the Hokkien dialect, kaisu is something that the Singaporeans endeavour to prevent! For instance’he sent his family to line up in various queues for the exact same thing, so kiasu’.

8. Terok (annoying or hard )

Aside from the Malay language, you may hear this word in case you are being a challenging customer!

9. Ulu (rural)

Derived from the Malay language meaning a deserted location. As an instance’this area is indeed ulu, you barely find a single soul around on weekends’.

10. Ya ya (boastful or arrogant)

He is so ya ya, lah!

Now you have heard the lingo, take a look at our Singapore travel guide to find out more about this fascinating state and book your journey!

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