Sofia Travel Guide, Bulgaria

Sofia is the earliest most significant city in the nation of Bulgaria. The town has a population of a single point four million taxpayers who reside in the suburb of the city. Sofia, Bulgaria consists of numerous churches because the people of the area are extremely spiritual. The area also has plenty of attractions to talk about with locals in addition to overseas visitors who see this nation.

There are quite a few attractions which you could look forward to after you arrive in his destination. You’ll also receive the chance of studying Sofia, Bulgaria civilization, and background since the early times. Traveling to Sofia, Bulgaria just requires a couple of hours depending on the mode of transport which you’re using.

Important Attractions

Sofia has a great deal to offer to when it comes to traveling around town. Aside from museums and churches which are observed in this fantastic town, there are museums and parks which were put in position for tourist appeal. Below are a few of the intriguing attractions which are observed in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This early infrastructure was constructed from the twentieth century as a attribute to 2 hundred million Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussian and Bulgarian soldiers that perished in the seventy-seven Russo Turkish was. It’s also among the biggest Orthodox cathedrals in the world.

Sofia University

This is only one of the earliest learning institutes located in Sofia. The organization was constructed in eighteen eighty-eight and covers a land area of eighteen million, six hundred and twenty five meters squared.

National History Museum

The federal history museum has been set in nineteen seventy-three and is among the biggest museums in the nation of Bulgaria. The memorial can be found in the southern area of Boyana.

Vasil Levski Stadium

This outstanding arena was called after the fantastic hero of Bulgaria called Vassil Levski. The multifunctional stadium can be found in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Boyana Church

Boyana church is a massive infrastructure that’s made alongside Mount Vitosha. The church reflects the fantastic civilization of the European individuals and continues to be maintained as a sight attraction for people.

Ivan Vazov National Theater

This is the largest theatre in Sofia, Bulgaria situated on the eastern side of the nation’s capital city. The theatre isn’t just the greatest but also the earliest of them all.

Where to Eat

Too much travel won’t simply get you tired but hungry also. That’s the reason you want this reference manual, to guide to the best restaurants and resorts located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here are a Few of the resorts Which You Can visit during your trip for this Fantastic town:

The Grand Hotel Sofia

This five-star resort is situated in the city centre and offers excellent services and lodging at a really inexpensive price.

Niky Hotel

Niky hotel could be described as easy yet tasteful. The resort has quite lovely rooms which are extremely spacious and well handled. It only takes half an hour to drive from the capital town to this unbelievable resort.

Sofia Hotel Balkan

Sofia resort is a luxury resort that’s decorated with glittering big chandeliers. Even though the hotel is somewhat pricey compared to the rest, remaining in this fantastic resort includes quite a few great discounts.

Hilton Sofia

Hilton Sofia is as state of the art resort that’s quite big in size and contains a total of two hundred and forty-five rooms. The resort is situated on the southern side of Sofia’s national palace.

Sofia Princess Hotel

Welcome to the largest resort in Balkans. This astonishing hotel has very spacious bedrooms also provides many different activities to guests like swimmingpool, exercising and other sport.


Maintaining current with what’s new from the realm of advertising isn’t a problem in regards to this wonderful town of Sofia, Bulgaria. There are a range of areas where you are able to run your shopping, based on what you’re searching for. Below are a few of the handiest stores which you could store in, throughout your trip.

Ladies Market

The title of the place clarifies what to expect even before you begin shopping. Ladies marketplace is a shopping mall for girls clothing. Here women can come across all kinds of outer-wear from sneakers to world class designers equipment.

Center for Folk Arts & Crafts

Center for Folk Arts and crafts is also an unbelievable place where you could discover colorful purses and woven rugs. The area additionally sells jewelry and increased oil as part of the bundle.

Tsum Retail Center

Tsum trail centre has been around since nineteen fifty-six. The shopping mall is broken into various flooring with various brands that offer distinct commodities.

Central Hali Shopping Center

This is a tasteful shopping location that was produced in nineteen twenty five. The mall contains stores and a couple of cafes which serve vegetable, wine in addition to pasties.

Mall of Sofia

Mall of Sofia is the busiest mall in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. Many different brands from various areas are located within this shopping mall to get an exhibition.

Where to Have Fun

Entertainment is a part of your excursion when you see Sofia, Bulgaria. Aside from old churches and monuments which are observed in this excellent nation, in addition, there are other facilities which are intended for fun and amusement. Below are some of those places Which You Can visit purposely for amusement:

The Red House

This exceptional mansion is booked as an institution for poetry reading in addition to political argument earth. But generally, you’ll discover cultural disagreements and dancing performances happening in the function.

Pri Kmeta

This is a special pub that provides its own beer. The place is nicely decorated, with loud music and dancing performance being completed throughout the evenings.

Toba & Co

If you’re interested in finding somewhere to unwind and enjoy a cocktail in precisely the exact same time, then that area would be ideal for you. The area also serves yummy cakes and other snacks which are only found here.


Chervilo is great place to maintain throughout the evening. The area is crowded, but there’s always plenty of space left outside. Many men and women come here for beverages and to love live music blending from DJs.

Lavazza Espression

This is a little café that’s found in the city centre of Sofia, Bulgaria. Here you may purchase for sandwiches and coffee which are extremely tasty and nicely made.

The Way to Get Around

Getting around Sofia, Bulgaria is quite simple due to convenient way of transport that’s well facilitated within this place. You can either traveling around town by bus, the train or even airplane. Additionally, there are specific places which are earmarked for bus terminals and train stations.

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