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best blogs, Instagram shots and videos from January 2019 – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Sunset at the Charles Bridge in Prague, with swans swimming in the river

This month’s Pathfinders round-up features a rundown of Prague’s prime sights © Roman Borodaev / Shutterstock For many people the primary month of the 12 months can usually be a sleepy one, slipping by earlier than we’ve even had likelihood to ponder potential vacation plans. This isn’t the case for our globetrotting Pathfinders neighborhood, nevertheless, who’ve wasted no time embarking on a miscellany of thrilling adventures, from climbing hair-raising trails in Spain to uncovering the highlights of Prague. To encourage you to kick-start your personal 2019 journey […]

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Monisha Rajesh on the golden rules of Indian train travel – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Passengers in the doorway of an Indian train

inside this guest article, Monisha Rajesh — writer of About India at 80 Trains — provides us the lowdown on the best way best to get the absolute most from a travel experience unlike any other. Back in 2010 I spent four weeks traveling the length and width of the Indian Railways system at the hope of raising the veil to a nation that was a stranger to me. Covering 40,000kilometers and 80 train travels, I rode express trains, steam trains, and Mumbai’s notorious commuter trains, even […]

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Carrie Veatch, For Gluten Sake – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Carrie tucking into tapioca crepes in Brazil © Carrie Veatch

New year, fresh Pathfinder spotlight! My name is Carrie and I have celiac disease, also I have to let it prevent me from travelling the world. As an Gluten Sake is all about showing you, when you have the right tools, it’s more than likely to travel the entire world as a celiac disease. My website has the largest record of 100% fermented spots round the Earth, fermented town guides, fermented tips, hotel reviews and much more! Describe Your Trip style in three words… Food-centred, flexible and […]

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Australia, France, Bulgaria, Berlin and Italy – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Cliff astride his noble steed Turbo on Rainbow Beach, Queensland © Clifton Wilkinson

Cliff astride his noble steed Turbo on Rainbow Beach, Queensland © Clifton Wilkinson At Lonely Planet we’re simply obsessed with travel; rarely a week goes by when someone hasn’t just got back from an epic adventure. To celebrate our infatuation with exploration, each month Lonely Planet staff will be sharing some of their recent travel stories from the road. Read on for horseback beach escapes, birthday celebrations in Berlin and more… Horse riding along Rainbow Beach, Queensland Turbo was having none of it. Try as I might, […]

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best blogs, Instagram shots and videos from December 2018 – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

The Maldives may be one of the most Instagram-worthy locations © Food Travel Stockforlife / Shutterstock While most people slow down for the festive season, our merry band of bloggers, photographers and videographers have been going on even more epic adventures. December sees us basking in the natural beauty of Norway and the Maldives, taking a stroll round London’s twinkly Christmas markets and exploring quirky ways of getting under the surface of cities like Florence and Dublin. Best of the blogs More signs of a solitary traveller […]

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