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what can Charles Darwin teach us about travel?

Illustration of a traveller looking out of a train window at a lake with mountains and forest in the background © Joe Davis / Lonely Planet

Wonderings: rambles through and reflections on traveling… this past month, James Kay ponders what passengers may find out from the father of literary theory © Joe Davis / Lonely Planet Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm’s marble sculpture of Charles Darwin sits in the heart of this Hintze Hall, the elaborate central part of the Natural History Museum, London. With legs crossed, overcoat laid throughout knees and palms resting in lap, the fantastic naturalist is the lord of all he surveys. His chair on the half-landing of this royal […]

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In the studio with Niki Fisher, illustrator of The Cruise Handbook – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

In the studio with Niki Fisher, illustrator of The Cruise Handbook – Lonely Planet's travel blog

Niki within her studio near Jindabyne, Australia © Niki Fisher Illustrator Niki Fisher is no stranger into displaying Lonely Planet titles — The Cruise Handbook is the 5th one she is illustrated. We caught up with her to learn how she made the brilliant cover page and also the way that ties in with preceding examples for the identical series. Inform us about the short The brief was to make a cover which depicted the selection of actions available on cruises in addition to the wide age […]

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best blogs, Instagram shots and videos from February 2019

Koh Lipe, Thailand

Get a unique perspective of Koh Lipe from our incredible Instagramers © Golf Photographer / Shutterstock As always our motley crew of ever more adventurous Pathfinders have been off exploring the far corners of the globe. This month we dig into the cool and quirky – whether it’s getting a fresh and unusual perspective of well-travelled destinations like London or discovering a lesser-visited (and slightly bizarre) towns and regions like Užupis in Lithuania. Best of the blogs Užupis: A quirky independent republic in the heart of Vilnius […]

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Hamburg, Antwerp, Florence, Istanbul, Las Vegas and Belfast

A double-page spread from the April edition of Lonely Planet Magazine (UK)

The April version of Lonely Planet Magazine (UK) is available today! © Lonely Planet The most recent version of Lonely Planet Magazine (UK) has hit the news rack! This April marks the mag’s 10 year anniversary, and to celebrate the event a special guest editor was given the reins — famous adventurer Bear Grylls. Alongside tales about Bear’s lifetime in traveling, attributes in this month’s topic include stories of reclusive artists in Alaska, a lowdown about Madrid’s hottest attractions along with a round-up of all Lonely Planet […]

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Kalyan Panja, Travtasy – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Off-the-beaten-track explorer Kalyan Panja © Kalyan Panja

Off-the-beaten-track explorer Kalyan Panja © Kalyan Panja This month we caught up with Pathfinder Kalyan Panja who blogs in the Travtasy. Kalyan is a enthusiastic traveller and photographer who’s constantly on the watch for odd and off-the-beaten-track destinations. Give us the low down to your site… Travtasy is a room to share travel experiences with the purpose of inspiring individuals and assisting them traveling the world in a more daring way, while prioritising cultural market and neighborhood experiences. I’m driven by my passion to travel and need […]

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the unusual sports of Kyrgyzstan’s World Nomad Games – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

the unusual sports of Kyrgyzstan's World Nomad Games – Lonely Planet's travel blog

The accuracy and skill of this horseback archers © Richard Collett Lonely Planet Pathfinder, Richard Collett of Travel Tramp, lately returned from a whirlwind trip through wild and amazing Kyrgyzstan, among our Best in Traveling countries to see at 2019. Between wending his way round rolling pastures and gawking at dramatic landscapes, Richard managed to nab himself a front row seat in the strange and attractive World Nomad Games… Kyrgyzstan is in the center of nomadic background in Central Asia. To celebrate the exceptional culture and customs […]

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February edition – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Many Monarch butterflies on a tree branch, with blue sky beyond

Which kind of butterfly migrates to Mexico every winter? Find out in our quiz © JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock Would you know which nation is home to the Hill of Crosses? Or the town at which Aussie soap Neighbours is place? Test your understanding of travel with the February version of the monthly travel quiz, based around stories comprising in this month’s Lonely World magazine — available today. Would you score full marks? TAKE THE QUIZ Desperate for more traveling trivia? Take a peek at a month’s quiz. […]

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what role will robots play in the travel industry? – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Illustration of a traveller looking out of a train window at a lake with mountains and forest in the background © Joe Davis / Lonely Planet

Wonderings: rambles by and reflections on journey… this month, James Kay considers what the robotic revolution may imply for the way forward for hospitality © Joe Davis / Lonely Planet We owe the phrase ‘robotic’ to the Czech playwright, novelist and journalist Karel Čapek, who dreamed it up for his 1920 play, R.U.R., or Rossum’s Common Robots. The plot charts the rise of mass-produced machines who take over the work of people, then dispense with their now-redundant makers and forge a courageous new world. Given the extent […]

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In the studio with Mike Lowery, illustrator of America’s National Parks – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Mike sketching in his studio (or one of three coffee shops)

Mike sketching in his studio (or among three coffee shops) © Mike Lowery For an avid traveller and US National Park enthusiast, Mike Lowery jumped at the chance to offer the examples for our Lonely Planet Children title, America’s National Parks. Here the artist talks us through how he came up with his designs to the publication, his journey to becoming a professional illustrator and also the special challenges that include working on a job which arouses severe wanderlust. Inform us about the short As soon as […]

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the Seychelles, Portugal, Mauritius and Honduras – Lonely Planet’s travel blog

Anse Marron beach, the Seychelles

Anse Marron seashore is the definition of paradise © Matt Phillips At Lonely Planet we’re merely obsessive about journey; not often per week goes by when somebody hasn’t simply received again from an epic journey. This month Lonely Planet employees share a few of their latest adventures, from fulfilling lifelong goals in Mauritius to munching a mega sandwich in Porto. Scoping out secluded seashores within the Seychelles Having spent a couple of weeks hopping between the islands of Mahé, Praslin, Desroches, North, Félicité, Silhouette, Fregate and La […]

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