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The accuracy and skill of this horseback archers © Richard Collett

Lonely Planet Pathfinder, Richard Collett of Travel Tramp, lately returned from a whirlwind trip through wild and amazing Kyrgyzstan, among our Best in Traveling countries to see at 2019. Between wending his way round rolling pastures and gawking at dramatic landscapes, Richard managed to nab himself a front row seat in the strange and attractive World Nomad Games…

Kyrgyzstan is in the center of nomadic background in Central Asia. To celebrate the exceptional culture and customs of the country, in 2018 that the Kyrgyz hosted the World Nomad Games, that will be arguably the greatest sporting event of this year. Nomads, tourists and athletes from throughout the globe gathered on the beaches of Issyk-Kul Lake to fight it out for nomadic glory, over a week of sporting events held along with cultural presentations. At a dramatic, mountain-fringed landscape and surrounded by traditional yurts, horseback archers galloped across the ranges, psychedelic hunters exhibited the art of the birds of prey to the Steppe, and mountain dogs hurried across the area. The World Nomad Games, held every 2 decades, really is a cultural and sporting event unlike any other.

A party of nomadic culture

Kyrgyzstan is the best destination to celebrate nomadic civilization, and in the World Nomad Games, conventional dress and fancy costumes were out in force. Countless yurts were increased at the valley, and as horses trotted through the encampments the odor of Kyrgyz cooking wafted through the cool, mountain air. Countless people had travelled from throughout the property, and out of continents far away to observe these ancient civilizations and athletic events being revived in Kyrgyzstan — I could not wait to watch the amazing show.

Landscapes and ponds

The event was held on the beaches of Issyk-Kul Lake, an alpine lake located at the east of Kyrgyzstan, also near the formidable Tien Shan mountain range which divides Central Asia from China. The lake has been an impressive tourist attraction throughout the Soviet era, and people would flock to the sunny beaches and sandy shores from throughout the Soviet Union. The World Nomad Games, being held in these remarkable environment, are bolstering tourism in this distant region of earth.

Horseback archery: ability, speed and precision

It was the dreaded horseback archers of the Mongol armies which let them conquer a lot of the early world, and countless decades on, the techniques and abilities continue to be proudly practised. Horseback archery was among the most extreme sporting events of this World Nomad Games, along with a genuine demonstration of ability and art. Archers galloped across the range at full rate, drawing on their bows and shooting their arrows to the targets. It was stressed, exciting and totally breathtaking to see.

Eagle searching: the bond between nomad and bird

For centuries, the nomads of the Steppe in Central Asia have tamed birds of prey to assist them endure. Golden eagles are educated from birth to search, and more than a exceptional bond forms between the bird and its coach. In the matches, these magnificent eagles have been in competition since the handlers shown the quality of coaching during their eagles’ ability to search in the area. And it was not only sailors participating in case, but individuals from throughout the world also, as eagles, falcons and other birds of prey soared through the heavens over the yurts.

Taigan Jarysh: the puppies of The Steppe

The Taigan is a exceptional breed of hound which has for ages been coached around the Steppe and at the mountains of Kyrgyzstan from nomads. These fluffy, adorable looking dogs barely seem unprofessional, but they are lightning fast and proficient at taking down wolves which may endanger a nomad’s household or herd. From the Taigan Jarysh contest, trainers exhibited the agility and art of the puppies as they hurried across the area in searching simulations.

Mountains, culture, and heritage in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan’s incredible scenery, majestic mountains and alpine lakes also have ensured the little famous Central Asian country is gradually making a name for itself one of travelers looking for a exceptional destination to research. Individuals are no doubt attracted from the nation’s rugged good looks, however it is the years of history and tradition they remain for. The World Nomad Games is an odd, yet persuasive event to be a part of, and I’d recommend anybody who gets the opportunity to get it done, to achieve that.

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