Travel Tips: Preparing for Your Trip

Travelocity covers off on some travel tips to make your trip as stress-free as possible. Among them:

Pack only a carry-on bag to save time (no waiting to check a bag or at baggage claim) and avoid baggage fees (which can start at $25 and go up from there). Check your airline’s website for a full list of potential fees – some may charge for carry-on luggage. Don’t forget to pack your own snacks to save money at the airport, too!

Check-in online 24-hours in advance and make sure that you’ve received a seat assignment. Also, familiarize yourself with how your airline’s boarding procedure works and know your boarding zone to avoid causing traffic at the gate.

Stay updated with mobile apps (e.g. TripCase or FlightAware) to receive real-time travel updates in case of gate changes or delays. If your flight is cancelled, immediately get in line at the airport to talk to gate or ticket agent for the next available flight and check for availability at nearby airport hotels using booking applications on your phone like Travelocity’s app in case you need to stay overnight.



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