Travel Tips: What To Do When You Lose Your Wallet

What to do when you loose your wallet!

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When you’re traveling, your passport is the important item you take with you. Without it you’re not going home, so take all of the proper precautions before setting on your adventure. Sonia got you covered with everything you should be doing.




  • Sonia, me encantan tus videos. Tienes versión en Español?

  • this video is teaching you how to prevent losing your wallet not things on what to do if you lose them

  • This is certainly one travel tip to take heed to! When it happens to you , you realise having no access to money is a big problem, especially for solo travelers who don't have immediate access to friends and family to help. I was unlucky to be in this situation and it's not a nice place to be as you quickly realise this ends your immediate travel plans and you need to go into survival mode. How will you eat? How will you get transport? Where can I make emergency phone call or internet access if I can't pay? Thankfully I was able to retrace my steps and a shop had my wallet and I got it back. Lesson learned! Have an Emergency source of money and always have Emergency contacts with you.

  • Love it Sonia, thanks!

  • thanks beauty.
    that was beneficial.
    love u.

  • Brilliant video!! I have had my wallet stolen in a starbucks in DC once but I learned a lot from that incident.. of course Thank God I was fortunate that the thief snitched only my wallet & not my whole purse (which had my passport & other important stuff).. BUT most of my money & credit cards were gone! I didn't even have money to go back to the hotel…what I did is that I had some money in the hotel room safe box & I texted my family to cancel all my credit cards back home (Thanks to a 7 hour time difference the bank hotline was not operating) I had a mentor & a friend over there to help me.. ever since I carry my cards separately, I keep some money in my pocket, some hidden in another place & I keep copies of my passport & visas handy.
    Thanks Sonia for the useful tips!

  • Thank you, another great and useful video.

  • Can u make a video showing us how you pack your suitcase and carry on ?

  • Thank you much Sonia for subscribing to my channel! Means so much your videos are an inspiration to my wife and my videos!! 🙂

  • What to do when you encounter any trouble abroad? Just send Sonia a message and she 'll help you out.

  • Guys, any tips on how to secure my backpack?? Like in long train journey or something.. they are really easy to gain access ..

  • Sonia, my suggestion is to make a video with the best apps for travelling. I need an specific one to control my budget.
    Thanks your videos are really helpful 🙂

  • Super helpful tips!
    last summer I went to France for study abroad and when I went to a local cafe in Normandy to buy lunch, my wallet was MISSING! Everything important was in that wallet!! I definitely learned my lesson to keep cards and cash in different places!

  • You look alot like christy from Even Stevens, older show played on Disney channel

  • i wish i never have to use any of this :/

  • Excellent tips Sonia you really covered all likely scenarios!

  • Hey Sonia!

    Thank you so much for creating such useful videos. I think I have watched all of your videos! I have a question. Have you ever used travel package booking websites? If you have, can you recommend me some sites?

    Thank you!! By the way, you should definitely consider visiting Vietnam. It's a beauty country!

  • Great tips! I just got back from a road trip through Baja and I backed up my passport info. But I didn't do that with my credit and debit cards. Thankfully I didn't have any problems. But in September I'm going to Japan, and I'm going to try it out! Thanks again for the great tips! 🙂

  • I can not find the app for some reason, what would I type into google play store to find it?

  • Dont send your credit card or other sensitive photos to your email. If thief's have your mobile then they have also access for emails. Use some other account what is not easily accessed from your smart phone

  • Hopefully you will get out of the studio soon and do some more exploring around the world. Those are my favorite videos you shoot.

  • There are countries, such as Germany, where you're required to keep your passport on you at all times.

  • Love your tips! Super helpful videos I've been writing down a lot of these in my travel notebooks 🙂 I'm making travel vlogs of my adventures on my adventures if you'd like to check out where I've been and where I'm headed!

  • Love you and your videos

  • K S

    All problems have solutions!

  • So many useful tips that I never thought of!! Thank you! Thank you! All of this will be going on the to-do list for my travels! 😉

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